King Tut Mini-Unit Freebie

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We spent the entire last year studying Ancient Civilizations.  My kids all loved studying Egypt.  We built model pyramids and cooked authentic foods.  It was so much fun.  This mini-unit on King Tut is just what you need to engage your kids in this amazing part of history.
King Tut Mini Unit - Educents
Students LOVE to learn about King Tut and Ancient Egypt! Download a FREE lesson for kids about Ancient Egypt and jump into King Tut’s history! The freebie has several activities included in this pack, including reading comprehension, math review, map skills, and timeline practice, so there are a multiple ways to use them.

Hieroglyphics Math

King Tut Mini Unit - Educents
Use these fun pages to practice place value and/or addition and subtraction skills! Page 12 of the King Tut Mini-Unit Freebie asks students use the symbols to determine the number. The following page goes a step further and asks
students add or subtract numbers.

Fun facts about Ancient Egypt:

  • The Egyptian alphabet contained more than 700 hieroglyphs!
  • Egyptians believed cats were a sacred animal and having a pet cat would
    bring a household good luck.
  • Ancient Egyptians invented pens, toothpaste, and a game very similar to

More Ancient Egypt resources:

Mini Bio: King Tut – Here’s a mini bio about King Tut to go with your mini unit!

Ancient Egypt Lapbook – Study interesting facts about the discovery of hieroglyphic writing, the Rosetta Stone, the great King Tutankhamun, the lovely Cleopatra and more.

Recipes From Egypt
– Delight your little cooks with two authentic and easy-to-make recipes from Egypt: Tameya (the original veggie
burger), and Basboosa (Semolina cake with honey and lemon).

My Book About Egypt – My Book About Egypt takes elementary students to the cities of Cairo, Alexandria, Damietta, and Giza.

King Tut Mini Unit - Educents
Want free lessons for kids about Ancient Egypt?
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