Manga Based Science Books

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    I am currently homeschooling 6 of our 7 children. All of my kids have different learning styles.  My first few years of homeschooling were consumed with frustration, tears, and feeling like a total failure because my children were not doing well on a box curriculum that taught them all the same way.  I eventually discovered that, unlike the way public school teaches our children, their are different ways to teach and learn.  I did not need to recreate public school at home. I needed to honor the commitment I made to giving my children a better education than they would get in a public school, and for us that meant changing they way I presented information to them.  They all needed to learn in a unique way that they could understand.  Several of my children audio type learners and reading to them is the best way for them to understand. Some of my children are hands on learners and need to touch everything. Doing experiments and art projects with them is the most effective way of teaching them.  The rest of my kids are very visual. They need to watch videos, play games, and read comic style books. My older kids are totally into Manga.  When I heard about these books I was so excited to try them.  A comic book that is written in a way that will actually teach my children great things about science is an amazing idea. 

When I heard there were comic books that could help my children learn science, I was skeptical. But I’m being won over, because I’ve discovered the magic of Manga learning tools! We absolutely love them.


What is Manga?

It’s a style of Japanese comic books and graphic novels, typically aimed at adults as well as children.

Why does it matter? And what does it have to do with learning?

I’ve discovered this tremendous resource for teaching kids science and all about the human body. Rather than a dry text and diagram textbook, concepts are covered in a story-based format that’s also visual, so learners of all kinds have more to glom onto, and it’s easier to recall. Sort of like our trusted and true pal Ms. Frizzle of the Magic School Bus, but for a slightly older children depending on the book. Last but certainly not least – it makes learning fun! Imagine if your child requested to re-read a science text book. That’s what these amazing books can inspire.


We started on the Survive! Inside the Human Body series, and even I am learning!

Topics covered in this book series about the human body: Human Body (anatomy), Digestive System, Circulatory System, Nervous System, Personal Wellness, Effects of Food on the Body, Medicine & technology, and Genetics.
But there are also advanced topics in this format like the Universe, Physics, Linear Algebra, and more available from Shockingly Awesome Learning on
See inside the books in this cute video:



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